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By Suzanne MacNevin.

No SERIOUSLY! Are you afraid of my breasts?

Do they make you uncomfortable?

Do they make you shy?

Do you lack confidence when you see them?

Do you get anxious?

Are you afraid someone might notice you staring?

Are you staring?

Do they make you feel inadequate?

Are they disgusting or attractive?

When you see a thin woman with small perky breasts, what do think and feel?

When you see a fat woman with breasts sagging down to her belly, what do think and feel?

How is that different? Why is that different?

Did you always feel that way about breasts?

When you were five years old, if you saw a girl your own age who has no breasts at all and is as flat-chested as a boy, did you feel differently?

When you were five years old and you looked at your mother's breasts, how did your feelings differ?

Are you jealous because women have something you don't? Breast envy?

Are you overweight and have man-titties?

Are you afraid other men will make fun of your man-titties?

Are you afraid women will make fun of your man-titties?

Do you wear a bra to support your man-titties?

Do you like pornography or erotica?

Which do you prefer?

What is the most obvious differences between the women in pornography and the women in erotica? Is it the size of their breasts? Is it their level of aggression? Are they more or less seductive? Which turns you on more?

When you were seven or nine years old, did you look through Department Store Catalogues (Sears or Eatons for example) and masturbate while looking at the bra and lingerie selection?

Do you get turned on just by walking past a lingerie store?

Do you ever go in and ogle the dress-dummies and/or the sales representatives?

How comfortable are you inside a lingerie store?

Are you so uncomfortable that you usually find an excuse to leave?

Do you find it embarrassing?

Do you grit your teeth and stay anyway, and continue to ogle stuff whenever you think no one is looking?

Have you ever went to a strip club?

How do you feel when you are there?

Do you enjoy it or are you disgusted?

How old do you think the stripper is?

Do you think she has children?

Do you think she breastfeeds them?

When you see a relative of yours breast feeding, do you get turned on and try not to stare? Do you get incestuous thoughts?

When you see a woman (a non-relative) breastfeeding, do you feel attracted or turned on?

If the woman breastfeeding is overweight, does it make a difference?

If she is over 40 and getting wrinkles, does it make a difference?

Are you less attracted to overweight and/or older women and their breasts?

Why do you think that is so?

When you see a woman who has had her breasts augmented (implants for example), how do you feel? Are you disgusted or excited? Does their torpedoe shape make you feel uncomfortable?

When you see a woman who has had one breast removed due to breast cancer or an accident, how do you feel? Are you disgusted or excited? Do you feel uncomfortable?

When you see a female midget (or the politically correct "small person") nude, how do you feel?

Does the size of her breasts excite or disgust you?

Do you feel awkward in the presence of a female midget (or the politically correct "small person")?

Are you attracted to her or her breasts?

If she was old or fat, would it make a difference?

If you meet a 7 foot tall woman that weighs around 200 to 300 pounds and strong enough that she could lift you up over her head, how do you feel?

Are you still attracted to her breasts? Are you disgusted? Are you intimidated?

When someone says the word "breasts" do you think of a young woman or an old woman? Do you think of perky or saggy? Does size matter?

How do feel when a woman shoves her breasts in your face?

Does she intimidate you?

Are you excited?

Do you feel claustrophobic?

Now go back and apply the same question, but think of men instead. Think of men walking around with no shirt on. Are you disgusted by their chests? Are you excited? Are they saggy or wrinkly? What difference does saggy/wrinkly male chests make? If you see a male relative without a shirt on, do you get excited, disgusted or intimidated? If you see a male midget without a shirt on, how do you feel? If you see a huge 7 foot tall man without a shirt on, how do you feel? Are you turned on by men in pornography? Are you turned on by male erotica? Do you feel uncomfortable around another man with man-titties? Do you make fun of his man-titties? Etc, ect...

Now ask yourself, are men every bit as disgusting when they don't have their shirt on?

Are we socially conditioned that we think disgusting male chests are more socially acceptable than disgusting female breasts? Especially when it comes to seeing them in public?

Is toplessness for women legal in your state or province?

Do you have topless beaches in your state or province?

Do you have nude beaches in your state or province?

Are you a naturalist (otherwise known as a nudist)?

Are you uncomfortable around other nude or partially-nude people?

Do you think toplessness for women should be made legal in your state or province?

What do you think are the contributing reasons for why it is not legal? Is it because of the church? Is it because of old-fashionedness? It is simply tradition? Is it paranoia?

If you were raised in a society where topless females was considered normal and you saw it all the time, do you think you would treat women and breasts differently?

Do you believe in equality?

Do you believe that society will eventually reach an equalitarian utopia where the only division amongst people will be wealth?

What do you think will happen in the future?

Are you in favour of that future? Do you disagree with it but figure its useless to fight it?

Do you think the Catholic Church will die out and lose its influence? Do you think society is changing for the better or getting worse? Is breaking tradition a good thing in some cases? Will people stop being paranoid about something if they start seeing it on a regular basis and it becomes normal to them?

Do you think society is advancing to a new stage of cultural evolution?

Would you consider yourself to be a Cultural Evolutionary?

Kinda Makes You Think...

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