Anorexia: Fashion Icons, Supermodels, Skeletons & The Supersized Culture of America

By Suzanne MacNevin

When I think about supermodels, I don't think about fashion at all. Fashion has little or nothing to do with what supermodels actually do. What I think is two-fold:

#1. Anorexia. #2. Sex.

Strange how they go together. These women actually manage to be anorexic and sexy at the same time and thus become supermodels, largely due to the gift of photography and airbrushing. (For those of you who don't know, airbrushing means that the picture has been softened so you don't see blemishes, scars, cellulite and in some cases: Rib cages.)

But are supermodels really that sexy?

Maybe, maybe not. Personally? You couldn't pay me to sleep with a skeleton, even if it was alive (or undead? teehee). Necrophilia is the closest thing I can think of to having sex with a supermodel. Their bones would be sticking into your skin/etc and making it very uncomfortable.

So they really are not "sexy" at all.

And yet supermodels are used to sell perfume, make-up, lingerie and other sexually-oriented fashion and/or accessories. In many cases the photographs they produce are simply pornography/erotica and aren't pushing any product except the magazine that they are in.

Look at the images shown on this website. JUST LOOK.

Are they actually selling a real product? Most of them are not. They're advertising fashion, but they're not actually selling it. With the exception of Heidi Klum promoting McDonalds most of them are advertising products we can't even buy in the local mall. So what are they really promoting? Sex, prostitution and pornography. Thats it. Why not be honest about it. These aren't supermodels. Sure, they are known as big name celebrity supermodels, but thats just a "name". They're really just softcore pornstars.

And anorexic skeletons to boot. America seems to be really good at producing people with eating disorders.

But wait! There's more!

America has become so obsessed with fast food that obesity rates have skyrocketed and now 4 out of every 5 adults are overweight and half of those overweight adults are OBESE.

Historically, people don't get obese from eating foods at home or the local restaurant.

They get obese from eating foods that aren't healthy and from not exercising.

And lets face it, most Americans DON'T EXERCISE. They don't even teach it in schools anymore because the Bush Administration thought gym classes were too expensive.

What Americans do instead is invest money "get thin fast" schemes that don't work. They're gullible and think they can actually get thinner by not exercising. Savvy advertising and stupid/gullible Americans have created a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry that doesn't actually lose weight.

So there really is only TWO ways to lose weight: Starve yourself and become an anorexic skeleton. Or exercise.


I can't say it enough. Its really the only true way to stay healthy. If you starve yourself, eventually the anorexia will start eating away at the muscle tissue in your brain and your hair will fall out. Don't believe me? Look at what happened to Supermodel Carré Otis. Its actually a common occurrence for anorexics.

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