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Are Men Really Necessary?

By Suzanne MacNevin.

Some asshole with a "sense of humour" decided to write a comedic book and post some blatant advertising of his book on the Feminist webring. His site has since been deleted. It was called "Are Women Really Necessary?"

This website was not really about the ineptness of men, but a rebuttal of his book. We're both necessary. Although men (and women) sometimes wish the opposite sex was obsolete, the truth of the matter is that we will ALWAYS be necessary for survival (and possibly recreation).

What the asshole's jokes more pertain to is marriage.

Now in this matter, I agree.


The argument that two people should live together out of mutual benefit and love is an argument that was perpetuated due to men's fear of being without a heir in ancient times. They wanted a legacy of young boys to take over their "throne" when they were gone.

Rich republicans have an intrinsic understanding of what I am saying, but of course will deny it on the basis that they are obsessed with their heirdom. George Bush and Junior are excellent examples of taking over the stolen family throne (I am referring to the Nixon/Bush assassination of JFK and how the white house has been at least partially controlled by the oil industry ever since JFK's death).

A good question might be, which will become obsolete sooner? Oil or Marriage?

The concept of people ditching the oil industry for cheaper hydrogen-fuel cells is becoming much more viable. Marriage however, because its a religious tradition, will be significantly harder to eradicate.

I myself have thought of marriage many times. I must admit however that I am more obsessed with the whole marriage ceremony, and significantly less obsessed with the idea of living with someone who eventually will have to struggle to get it up (thus the invention of viagra), someone who will eventually take advantage of the marriage in a patriarchal way.

FACT: 100% of married men take advantage of their spouses in a sexist way, and most will even admit to a sexist offense in the past.

Due to marriage, men have less stress and typically live longer than unmarried men.

Married women however, have more stress and live shorter than unmarried women.

A married woman with a cat however, on average lives the same length of time as a single woman without a cat. Single women with cats live the longest of all.


SKIP MARRIAGE!!! I'm getting a cat!!!

Who Is Getting Married?

By Harlan Jacobsen - 2001.

Statistics show people are waiting for a longer period of time to get married, and when they do get married, they stay married a shorter period than even the more recent past (average marriage now is under 7 years).

When they become divorced, they stay single longer before remarrying.

A rapidly growing number live together with­out marriage.

Those who get married the second time stay together an average of less than six years.

In the last ten years, many parents' attitude about their children have changed from "it's terrible--they are just going to live together," to "I wish they'd just live to­gether instead of getting married."

These statements coming from parents would have been unbelievable ten or fifteen years ago.

Social pressure to be normal and married" and the "you're home free--you have arrived" when you get married syn­drome still prevail and marriage continues at somewhat near the usual rate.

Very few stop to consider the institution may not be necessary nor working to their best interest in this day, since marriage was "man-designed" (not by God--marriage, as we know it, (it is not in the Bible) for another age.

Since theirs and their neighbor's recent marriage "didn't work", they figure It was due to a "bad" match-up; the spouse must have been no good or they didn't "try" hard enough--so they buy a "wash and wear" wedding gown, "hang in there", and just "keep trying."

They are forever optimistic that the "next one" will work even if they have to kill themselves with misery trying to make it work.

It is, indeed, hard to give up on the institution of marriage when you are in love with the idea and what it is supposed to stand for and accomplish.

You used to have to be married to provide for the children that were going to be by-products of sexual relationships. No more.

A woman used to need to find a "provider". No more.

A man used to need a woman to cook, wash, and mend for him. No more.

The only reason to be married now is affectional to somehow demonstrate commitment. When the affection is gone.....(dies) there is no longer a reason to be married. It does (7 year average) and generates a billion dollar a year divorce lawyer industry.

Big loser in all this is children and having children. Answer may be in more unmarrieds having children as a matter of choice.

They claim that children are better off with a father figure around.

This is fairly easily accomplished, he just may not be "technically" the father. Still, a man plays the role.

A child may have several father figures, and that may be an advantage.

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