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Suggested Readings for Black Feminists

Compiled by Joan Nestle - Modified in 2006 by Suzanne MacNevin

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  • Double Jeopardy
  • Black Women in Poverty
  • White Male Privilege
  • A Black Feminist Statement
  • Defining Black Feminist Thought
  • Black Beauty White Beauty
  • Black Warrior Wimmins Chant
  • Colored Pussy
  • Hattie Gossett Biography
  • Jamaica's First Female PM
  • Suggested Readings for Black Feminists

    Ache, Ache Ache, flyer introducing group: "Ache is a project for lesbians of African descent founded by two black lesbians in 1989," Albany, CA

    Adrienne Waddy, article about her performance at the New England Women's Music Festival, nd, 1p

    An African American and Asian American Feminist Dialogue with Barbara Smith and Merle Woo, Forging Alliances Across the Color Line, NYC, flyer, Oct 27, nd

    African American Lesbian Coalition, flyer announcing events, New Brunswick, NJ, nd, 1p

    "African-American Lesbians Remember Pat Parker," The Lesbian Unraveler, vol 1, Aug/
    Sept 9989

    African American Wimmin United for Social Change, Calendar, April 1991, 1p

    African American Women in Defense of Ourselves, copy of ad in defense of Anita Hill, 1991

    African American Lesbian Coalition, Pride Center of New Jersey, New Brunswick, c. 1998

    "Afro-American Women: The Outstanding and the Obscure," by Sylvia Lyons Render, Xerox article, nd

    Allegra, Donna. "A Piece from My Journal," Xerox, 3pp, nd; "A Call For More 'Voices," in Majority Report, Oct 28-Nov 10, 1978, p3;

    Ambrosia: Newsletter in Celebration of Black Women, vol. 1, No.1.,April-May 1980

    "Angela Davis on Black Women," Ms , reprint of portions from Black Scholar article, nd, p55+

    "Anonymous Letter Writer Attempts Campaign against Landmark Bookstore," The New York Amsterdam News, about an unsigned letter calling for a letter writing campaign against Harlem's Liberation Bookstore for homophobia, a charge denied by the owner, Sept 14, 1991, 1p

    "Another Town Meeting: Agenda: Gay and Lesbian People of Color," flyer, NYC, nd

    "Azalea Magazine," flyer for benefit, Feb 12, 1984, NYC; BG Magazine, letter about, nd; ordering flyer for Azalea, Brooklyn, NY, nd

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    Barnard Organization of Black Women Presents Cenen and Gina Rhodes, writers and artists, nd, flyer

    Benefit to Support Building 3rd World Feminist Community, flyer, dance, NYC, May 3, 1980

    Becoming Visible, flyer for planning conference for, about, by Black Lesbians, nd; pamphlet, "Becoming Visible: Survival for Black Lesbians," Jan 16-18, 1981, NYC

    Berry, Delores, "Come Out, Come Out...," Xeroxed article, nd, 3 pp

    Bibliographies: American Women of Color: a Bibliography of Current Sources, August 1, 1979, the University of Wisconsin System; Bibliography on Ann Allen Shockley, compiled by Georgia M. Brooks, Feb 1980, 1p; Bibliography on Lorraine Currelley, 1980; Black Lesbian Study Group, Suggested Journals, compiled by Georgia Brooks, Jan 1981; Mss pages for Black Lesbians, JR Roberts, Naiad Press, 1981; Black Women's Studies and Black Feminist Politics, The University of Wisconsin System, 1970-1983; Black and Third World Women and Children, Giovanni's Room Catalog, Spring 1981; Selected Bibliography on Afro-American Women at the Schlesinger Library, compiled by Boo Lunt, July 1992 Selected Sources 1970-1983,  A Partial Listing of LHA's Resources on African-American Lesbians, May 31, 1990; Selected Bibliography for Black Feminists Reading, compiled by Ann Allen Shockley, Fisk University, early 1970s, 2pp; Selected Bibliography of Social Science Readings on Women of Color, Center for Research on Women, Memphis State University, Sept 1987, 39pp; 20th Century Third World Women Writers, Black American and African: Selected Bibliography, The University of Wisconsin System, compiled by Nellie McKay, 1983;The Kaiser Index to Black Resources 1948-1986, excerpt on homosexuality from volume 2, Carlson Publishing, Inc., 1992.

    Birtha, Becky, "Literature by Black Women," 1981, a list of books, 22pp; "National Black Lesbian Conference," PLGTF Bulletin, vol 2, 1981, 1p; "Becoming Visible: the First Black Lesbian Conference," New Women's Times, Jan 1981, p3

    "Black Gay and Lesbian Political Action Committee Formed," Outlines, Chicago, nd

    "Black and Gay," by Elandria V. Henderson, member, Gay Women's Caucus, Black Gay Liberation, Advocate of Women's Liberation, The Lavender Woman, Dec 1971, 2pp

    Black Lesbian Caucus of Black Women Rising Together: A New York Area Conference, Statement, Baltimore, Aug 9, 1984

    "Black and Lesbian," The Lavender Woman, Nov 1971, p4

    "Black Feminism: Between a Rock and a Hard Place," by Ellen Catarow, 3pp

    "Black Feminism: A New Mandate," Ms., May 1974, pp97-99

    Black Feminist Speakers, flyers announcing availability, May 26, 1979

    "Black Feminists Organize in NY," Big Mama Rag, vol. 2, no. 6, 1p, c.1975

    Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, letter from Gregory Boyles inviting attendance at first "Multi-Ethnic Gay and Lesbian Community Conference," Oct 9, 1991

    Black Lesbian New York, copy of map by Jeanne Gray, c. 1978

    Black Lesbian Relationship Study Questionnaire, 27pp, nd

    Black Lesbian Study Group, facilitated by Georgia Brooks, at LHA (92nd St): flyer announcing group, Jan 7th, 1981; suggested journals list, 1981, 1p; book discussion of Loving Her, Feb 27, 1980; reading list and discussion schedule, Jan 1980; reading list, Jan 1981; April Schedule, March 18, 1981; Feb 18, 1981;

    Black Lesbian Support Group, newspaper announcement, Lesbian News, Jan 1990, p12, Los Angeles

    Black Lesbians and Gays Fight Back," pamphlet, London, nd

    "Black Lesbians End Bias in Chicago Bar," Body Politic, 65, August 1980, p18

    "Black Liberation and Women's Lib," by Linda J.M. La Rue, Trans-Action, Nov-Dec 1970, 11pp

    Blacklight, vol 3, Sept 1982

    Blackpride, celebration, NYC, Aug 5-8, 1999

    Black and White Men Together (B.W.M.T.), letter introducing group, San Francisco, c. 1980; A Preliminary Bibliography and Resource Guide: Race, Racism and the Gay Male Community, c.1980, 7pp; calendar of events; Information Bulletin #4, Aug 1980; Guidelines for Consciousness Raising on Racism; news release announcing formation of NY chapter of B.W. M.T., June 30, 1980

    "Black-Bisexual-Lesbian—Invisible in the Dark? Reflections on Black Queer Organizing," by Andrea Roberts, In the Life, August 1994, p14

    "Black Psychologists Seminar," Amsterdam News, article on seminar about sexuality in the Black Community, mentions Sylvia Witts-Vitale, a lesbian sex educator, 1980, NYC, 1p

    Black Scholar: The Best of the Black Scholar: The Black Woman,  vol 3, Dec 1971; The Black Woman, Nov-Dec 1981; The Black Woman II, Summer, 1982; The Black Woman III, vol 14, Sept-Oct 1983; The Black Sexism Debate, May/June 1979; Blacks and the Sexual Revolution, April 1978; Black Women and Feminism, March/April 1985; Black Revolution, vol 1, May 1970; Black Literature 85, vol 16, July/August 1985

    Black Women Artists Film Series, letter introducing project, Boston, nd; description of proposed slide show about Black women writers, Mar 12, 1982, 12pp

    "Black Women and Feminism: Bibliography," The Univ of Connecticut, The Not in the New York Times Series #11, April 1981, compiled by Pat Case

    Black Women Groups Being Formed, ad in Rat, #21, 1970, counterculture newspaper of the Lower East Side, NYC

    Black Women: An Historical Perspective, program of First National Scholarly Research Conference on Black Women, Washington, D.C., Nov 12-13, 1979

    "Black Women: an Historical Perspective," by Terri Clark, Off Our Backs, Jan 1980, report on the "First National Scholarly Research Conference on Black Women," Washington, D.C.

    Black Women for Wages for Housework, 10pp of articles, announcements, flyers, 1984

    "Blacks Reject Gay Rights Fight as Equal to Theirs," The New York Times, June 28, 1993, pA1

    BLK, flyer for new newsmagazine for the Black gay and lesbian community, May 1989;

    BLK National Black Lesbian and Gay Resource List, Jan 1990, 4pp

    Bogus, S. Diane, "The Reality of the Black Lesbian," GPU News, Oct 1978, pp19-20; "The Black Lesbian," BlackLight, Sept/ Oct 1980; "Dreams of Sapphira: A Fantasy of Lesbian Herstory," Maenad, vol. 1, pp 35-46.

    Boothe, Sabrina, "Stop Apologizing for Being Feminists," Majority Report, Nov 29-Dec 13, 1975. Written by representative of the National Black Feminist Organization, 1p

    "Brenda Verner Examines 'Liberated' Sisters," Encore, April 1974, pp22-24; calling for the rejection of white women's feminism in the name of  black "womanhood."

    Brooks, Georgia: see Black Lesbian Study Group; letter to participants in the writing workshop she facilitated at the 2nd Annual 3rd World Lesbian Writers Conference, April 16, 1980

    Brown, Beth, "Karateka: A Black Woman and the Martial Arts," Hera, Sept 1977, p7

    Brown Sister, from issue 2, Wellesley College, 1975, article entitled, "Lesbianism Among Blacks," 5pp; whole issue, nd; whole Fourth Issue, 1977

    Brown, Linda J., "Dark Horse: A View of Writing and Publishing by Dark Lesbians," Sinister Wisdom, 13. Spring 1980, pp45-50

    Brown, E. Sheila, review of First 3rd World Lesbian Writers Conference, uncut version, March 15, 1979,  7pp

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  • Carby, Hazel, "It Jus Be's Dat Way Sometime: The Sexual Politics of Women's Blues," Radical America, 1987, 22pp

    Caribbean Pride presents Black Chat, reading, flyer,  NYC, Aug 8, 1999

    "Carlene Cheatam 'Gets Things Done,'" Washington D.C. lesbian activist, The Washington Blade, Dec 15, 1995, p1+

    Casselberry-Dupree: with Hattie Gossett and Ubaka Hill, flyer, special performance in celebration of International Women's Month, March 31st, 1985; March 10th, 1985, NYC; Feb 14th, 1985; with Sapphire, NYC, Feb 14, 1985

    "Catalysts for Transforming Ourselves and the World" U.S. Women of Color Periodicals 1968-1988," by Kimberlie A. Kranich, paper presented at National Women's Studies Association Conference, Maryland, June 1989

    Cavin, Susan. "Lesbians Have Natural Rhythm," Majority Report, Nov 15-29, 1975, p15, about the music of "vodoo queens"

    Celebrating 20 Years of Gay and Lesbian Pride at Rutgers College: The Lionel Cuffie Lesbian and Gay Culture Series, 1989-90, in celebration of African-American History Month. One page flyer announcing events.

    "Celebration of Black Womanhood," by Luisah Teish in Plexus, San Francisco Bay Area Women's Newspaper, Nov 1979, p1, about First Annual Black Women's Conference; flyer

    A Celebration of Motherhood: A Conference for Lesbian Mothers, Lovers, Co- Parents, Partners and Friends, Three Black Lesbian Mothers Speak Out, May 12, 1990, 1p

    "A Celebration of Philadelphia Black Women Writers," poster announcing a reading by Becky Birtha and Anita Cornwell, July 9, 1983, Phil.

    "Cheryl Clark and Jewelle Gomez," flyer, reading, Nov 25, 1984, NYC

    Childs, E. Kitch, Testimony Given Before the Judiciary Committee of the City Council of Chicago, Oct 10, 1973, psychologist testifying for removing homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses, 2pp

    Cinnamon Productions, brochure, trip to Provincetown, August, 1986; 10 invitations to social events, NYC, 1990-91

    Circle of Sistahs, pamphlet introducing the group, NYC, c.1999

    "'Clara's Ole Man:' Black Life Etched in Pain," New York Amsterdam News, Oct 31, 1981, p27; program from La Mama production, 1981

    Clark, Cheryl, flyer for reading, March 5, Phila., nd
    Colorful People and Places: A Resource Guide for Third World Lesbians and Gay Men...and for White People who Share Their Interests, by Michael J. Smith. San Francisco" Quarterly Press, 1983

    Combahee River Collective, collective statement, Off Our Backs, Feb 16, 1979, 8pp; The Combahee River Collective: A Black Feminist Statement, chapter from Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism, ed. Zillah Eisenstein, New York: Monthly Review Press, 1978, 9pp

    Committee for the Visibility of the Other  Black Woman: the Black Lesbian, flyer for The Black Lesbian Conference: Conflicts in the Black Lesbian Community, Brooklyn, NY, Oct 1980; Pre-Stonewall Saturday Night, celebrating the history of the Black Lesbian community >from the 1930s to the 60s, April 16, nd

    Conditions: Five, press release announcing Conditions: Five—The Black Women's Issue, nd

    Cordova, Jeanne, "Review of Loving Her by Ann Allen Shockley, Lesbian Tide, Oct 1974, p28

    Cornwall, Anita. "From an Autobiography: First Love and Other Sorrows," The Gay Alternative, no. 9, 1975, p18+; "Black Lesbian Woman," Sept 1973, 1p; "Some Notes of the Black Lesbian and the Woman-Identified-Woman Concept," article, 6pp, c. 1982; "The Black Lesbian in a Malevolent Society," Dyke: A Quarterly, no. 5, nd, p14+

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    "D.C. Black Gay Group Revived," Washington Blade, Dec 19, 1980, 1p

    "Danitra Vance: 1959-1994," by Laurie Stone, Village Voice, Sept 6, 1994, p90

    "Dark and White In Color," by Kathy Saadat, Off Our Backs, June 1979, 1p

    Davenport, Doris Diosa, "Never Mind the Misery/Where's the Magic? : A Self-Interview," Sunbury 10, nd, 155-159

    Davis, Angela, "Reflections of the Black Women's Role in the Community of  Slaves," from The Black Scholar, Dec 1971, reprint, 14pp

    "Dear Sister...," letter inviting lesbians of color to a discussion group, Hoboken, NJ, Jan 1982

    Dear Sisters, letter from the Planning Committee for the First Black Lesbian Conference, May, 1980, 1p

    "Dear Women of Color...," call for submissions to Radical Third World Feminists' Anthology: A Woman to Woman Dialogue, 22 abril 1979, Cher'rie Moraga Lawrence, Gloria Anzaldua and friends, 1p

    De Veaux, Alexis, "Sister Love," Essence, Oct 1983, p83+

    "Drama Divas: Black Lesbian Playwrights," flyer and press release, discussion and performance, moderator, Dorothy Randall Gray, Oct 23, 1998, NYC

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    East Coast Wimmin of Colors, questionnaire sent out by a group of "Wimmin of Color who are serious festival-goers," 1984

    Edwina Lee Tyler: African Dance, flyer for lessons at Taller LatinoAmericano, Oct 27, nd

    Ebony Sisters, proposal for "50-minute videogram examining Gay political events and profile the experiences of five Third World lesbians," Brooklyn, NY, 1980, 9pp

    Eleven Black Women Why Did They Die?, pamphlet, Combahee River Collective, 1979

    "Entry Fee Disputed at Black Lesbian Bar," by Sarah Schulman, Gay Community News, nd

    "Ethel Waters," by Margo Jefferson, New York Times Magazine, May, 1999, 1p

    Events of  Interest Occurring During the March on Washington, compiled by the People of Color Caucus

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    Family, letter introducing new organization for "Black women who are gay," Detroit, Dec 14, 1983, 2pp

    Feminist Writers' Guild, NY Chapter, flyer, Women Of Color on Writing, March 28, 1980, including Audre Lorde and Rota Silverstrini

    "First Black Lesbian Conference," Off Our Backs, Dec 1980, p4+

    Flamboyant Ladies: Saturday Salon, flyer, Brooklyn, Feb 1980; flyer, reading, Women Free Women in Prison, Alexis DeVeaux, Gewndolyn Hardwick, Edwina Taylor, Irare Sabasu, Roberta Stokes, March 29, nd; flyer, Saturday Salon, Jan 1980, Brooklyn, NY

    Folayan, Ayofemi, "Still Activist After All These Years," Gay Community News, Feb-March 1991, p7+

    For Colored Girls and White Girls who Have Considered Suicide ... When One Megaton is Enuf, flyer, reading, Cheryl Clarke, Jewelle Gomez, Carroll Oliver, Barbara Smith, June 11, Brooklyn, nd

    "Forbidden Love," Jive, May 1984, pp31-31

    Fulani, Lenora, " I Don't Have to Make Deals," copy of chapter for a book Women Who Don't Sell Out, March 1994, 7pp

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    Gap Tooth Girlfriends, reading, flyer, NYC, March 23, nd; Gap Tooth Girlfriends: An Anthology, Xerox of book cover; flyer, March 15, 1981, NYC

    "Gay Blacks in Quandry Over Farrakhan's March," New York Times, Oct 8, 1995, p24

    "Gay Harlem of the Roaring Twenties," The New York Amsterdam News, June 15, 1991, p28

    Gay and Lesbian Color Festival, Hunter College, NYC, Oct 6-10, with Audre Lorde, nd

    "Gayocentricity," by Leonard Green, Capital Spotlight 17, March 7, 1991; follow up article about controversy arising from the article, March 29, 1991, "homosexuality and the African world view did not and cannot coexist together," writes one critic

    "Georgia Brooks," Xerox photograph, Gaysweek, no.3 March 14, 1977, member of "Jemima," a group of black lesbian writers

    Girlfriend Bookstore: a new women's bookstore, woman of color owned, flyer, Phila., 1990

    Glad, "It All Started at the Pewter Pot," Focus, Dec 1972, 1p, describing a Black lesbian's discovery of Boston's D.O.B. chapter

    "Glimpses of Black Gay Lives: Of God, Love and Music," The Blade, Nov 8, 1979, 2pp

    "Go the Way Your Blood Beats: An Interview with James Baldwin," by R. Goldstein, The Village Voice, June 26, 1984,p13+

    Gomez, Jewell: "Profile: On Leadership: Jewelle Gomez, 1995 New York Pride Guide, p77; "A Cultural Legacy Denied and Discovered: Black Lesbians in Fiction by Women," from Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology, ed. Barbara Smith,1983, 14pp

    The Griot Press, Aug 1993, "Minority Owned and Published Monthly Lesbian and Gay Magazine," article by Anita Cornwell, Phila., 19pp; premiere issue, May 1992

    Growing Theater, Inc., Lorraine Currelley, founder/ director, Annual International Women's Poetry Festival, flyer, June 15, 1980; program

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    Hall, Joel, "Growing Up Black and Gay," Gay Sunshine, 1971, 7pp

    Hampton  Mabel, "I Didn't Go Back There Anymore: Mabel Hampton Talks about the South,"; Gay Pride Speech, June 1984; notes on Ms Hampton's performing history "to the best of her memory"

    Hansen, Karen, "'No Kisses Like Youres': An Erotic Friendship between Two African-American Women during the Mid-Nineteenth Century," from Gender and History, vol 7, August 1995, pp153-183

    Harlem Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS, poster-program, Sept 30-Oct 6, 1990

    Harris, Craig, " Black Lesbians and Gay Men: Empirically Speaking," Gay Community News, March 15-21, 1987, pp10+

    "A Haven for the Few Draws Many," The New York Times, March 9, 1997, 1p, about the Brooklyn-based Unity Fellowship Church and its acceptance of gay people

    Hazel Crawley, photo, Greenwich Village, 1960s

    "Herstory Archive Entry #1: Billie Holiday," brief article on some lesbian moments of Billie Holiday's life, GirlFriends, July 1994, p6

    Hillary Kay, muscian, flyer, nd

    Homes, Henry, "Into the Woods: the Radical Faerie Movement," BLK, vol 2, June 1990

    Hopkins, Lea, "I'm Not Crazy, Just Different," 19 xerox pages of poetry and prose, c 1976; "Lea Hopkins: Just Different," by Alan Ebert, Essence, April, nd, 8pp

    Hull, Gloria T., "'Under the Days,': The Buried Life and Poetry of Angelina Weld Grimke," from Conditions 5, 1979, pp17-25; "Public-Private Diary: Finding Black Women's History," interview with Gloria Hull by June Thomas, Off Our Backs, May 1985, pp20-21; "Rewriting Afro-American Literature: A Case for black Women Writers," Radical Teacher, Dec 1977, pp10-14

    Hunter, Charlayne, "Many blacks Wary of 'Women's Liberation' Movement in U.S.," The New York Times, Nov 17, c. 1980, 2pp

    Hunter, Eleanor, "Double Indemnity: The Negro Lesbian in the 'Straight' White World," Dec 9, 1969, unpublished paper

    "Hurt by Men: I Found Comfort in the Arms of Another Woman," Jive, March 1984, pp53-59

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    "I Said I Did It For My Husband but...I Had a Lesbian Love Affair...for Myself," Jive, Oct 1979, 8pp

    IBIS, flyer for Jazz/Funk Fusion Music group, Jan 19, 1981

    International Council of African Women, page from African Women Rising, Spring 1985, discussing lesbian rights as part of the Council's concerns, distributed at NGO Forum 85, Nairobi, Kenya; letter to National Coalition of Black Gays supporting conference, Nov 24, 1985

    International Lesbian and Gay People of Color Conference, 1986, Los Angeles, pamphlet

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    Jemima Writers Group, flyer, poetry reading, Womanbooks, NYC, April 11, 1978; flyer, March 12, 1977, NYC

    Jewell, Terri, flyer for literary anthology  "for, by and about black Lesbians," deadline 1990; "Terri Jewell's Write Fight," review of The Black Woman's Gumbo Ya-Ya, OutLines, March 1995

    Jones, Reinette F., "Miseducation of the Melting Girl," GLSO, Dec 1998, p5+. Article sent to LHA in honor of Margaret Henderson, >from Kentucky

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    "Kate Millett on Angela Davis," Ms., August 1972, p54+

    "Keepers of the Story" Black Museums Preserve and Honor the Afro-American Cultural Heritage." Ebony, Feb 1981, p83+

    "Keepin' On: Celebrating Black History Month," by Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Outweek, Feb 20, 1991, pp44-45

    Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, letter introducing second year of publishing, Nov 20, 1982, Brooklyn, NY; flyer introducing press, nd; 1984 catalogue (full series in subject file under "publishers and presses,"

    Kuumba: A Poetry Journal for Black Lesbians and Gay Men, Spring 1991

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    Lavender Light Gospel Choir: flyer, May 9, 1987, NYC: flyer, Feb 13, 1988, NYC. See also "Choirs"

    Lavender Soul Productions, flyer for party, Nov 14, 1992

    "Lea Hopkins: Just Different," Essence, April 1980, p88+

    Lee's: She's Doing It Again, flyer, dance, NYC, Sept 22, 1985

    Les' Amies, ticket for annual dance, NYC, April 9, 1988

    Lesbian Herstory Archives Fundraiser, flyer, celebrate Mabel Hampon's 78th birthday, May 3, 1980; Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter 5, Spring 1979, picture of Mabel Hampton on cover, signed by Ms. Hampton, Oct 15, 1979

    Lesbian Muse: The Women behind the Words, ed. Sarah Koehl, Chance Publications, 1989, photographs by Tee Corinne, xerox copies of images of Pat Parker, Anita Cornwell, S. Diane Bogus, Becky Birtha, Sabrina Sojourner, Doris Davenport, F. La Verne Gagehabib,Midgett, Margaret Sloan-Hunter,

    "Lesbian 'Wife' Seeks Court Aid to Make 'Husband' Pay," Jet, July 13, 1978, pp46-48

    "Lesbian Propaganda," Big Mama Rag, nd, about Elridge Cleaver's attitude towards battered women

    Lesbians of Color, letter introducing the organization and announcing conference, July 4, 1983, Los Angeles, CA., 1p

    "Lesbians of Color Address Barriers to Legal Services," press release, NCLR, Oct 28, 1991

    "Lesbians of Color: Fighters in Words and Actions," by Luma Nichol, A Seattle Radical Women Educational in Commeration of Stonewall, June 23, 1983, 12pp

    "A Look at Black Gay History," The Front Page, vol 2, April 1981, p1+

    "Lovers and Other Friends," Essence, Oct 1980, p88+

    Lorde, Audre, "I Am Your Sister: Black Women Organizing Across Sexualities," Freedom Organizing Series #3, NY, NY Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, 1985, 10pp; xerox vita and statement on Lorde's stationary; "When Will the Ignorance End?", Keynote Speech, National Third World Lesbian and Gay Conference, Washington, D.C., Oct 13, 1979, reprinted in Off Our Backs, vol ix, Nov 1979, 3pp; statement in article "Other Voices, Other Moods," Ms., Feb 1979, p52+; flyer for "Storytelling, An Evening Together-Our Newfound Herstory," with Audre Lorde speaking on "Recollections of a Black Lesbian...Work in Progress," Oct 26, Women's Center; "Breast Cancer: A Black Lesbian Feminist Experience," 34pp ms., journal entries from March 25, 1978 to Feb 20, 1979

    ------------------, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power, reprint, 1978, Out & Out Pamphlet No. 3, Out and Out Books, Brooklyn, NY

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    Mamaroots: An Afracentric Spiritual and Cultural Triune Forum, vol 1, winter 1990-91; vol 2, June/July 1990

    "Marriage Fight Due: Wisconsin Black Women Slate Christmas Wedding," Mother, Dec 1971, p1; "Two Women Plan to be Married: File Suit, Make It Federal Case," Jet, Nov 4, 1971, p21+

    McKay, Claude, excerpts from Home to Harlem, NYC, 1928

    Meditations on the Rainbow, reading including Sapphire, NYC, Dec 12, 1984

    "Mining the Forgotten: Manuscript Sources for >Black Women's History," by Deborah Gray White, Xerox, Journal of American History, 1987, 6pp

    Minority Lesbian and Gay Physicians and Medical Students, flyer, nd, 2pp

    Mitchell-Clark, Kelly, "Organizing for Transformation,"  1p, 1995

    Moja=Gay & Black, No. 2, Nov 6, 1978

    "Move on Over (For Black Gays and Lesbians), song, nd

    "My Buddy," sheet music, 1922, favorite song of Mabel Hampton

    "My  Roomie, the Hooker: It Turned Out She Liked Girls More Than Men," Bronze Thrills, April 1984, pp28-35

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    National Archives for Black Women's History, call for donations of materials, regulations for use, Oct 1979

    National Black Gay and Lesbian Conference, Feb 12-14, 1987, Los Angeles, schedule; Conference, Feb 12-14, 1988, Los Angeles, CA., press release, 1p, flyer; Conference, Feb 17-20, 1989, registration form; Third Annual Conference, Feb 16-19, 1990, Atlanta, GA., pamphlet; 5th Annual National Black Gay and Lesbian Conference and Institutes, Oakland, Ca., Feb 13-17, 1992, pamphlet; 9th Annual National Black Lesbian and Gay Conference, Dallas, TX., Feb 15-19, 1996, registration forms; press release announcing Black lesbian national conference, Los Angeles, Feb 12-15, 1988

    National Coalition of Black Gays, Inc, flyer announcing conference in Michigan, March 30, 1980; Conference report, June 3, 1986, including keynote address by Henry Craig Chinn, Jr

    "Navy Drops 'Lesbian' Charges after Sailors Win in Two Cases," The Body Politic, 67, October 1980, p22

    "N.B.F.O. Awareness and Solidarity," article on National Black Feminist Organization, founded in 1973, 1973, 1p

    "Nedra Johnson and Friends," flyer, April 4th, NYC, nd

    "New Jersey's Only Gay Black Womans' Newsletter, calling card, nd

    New Movement of Black Lesbians and Gays, flyer, Black History Month, Feb 21, 1986, NYC

    New York Coalition of Black/Third World Gays, letter and schedule from the Steering Committee, Jan 1980, 3pp

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    Off Our Backs: Special Issue on Racism and Sexism, vol ix, Nov 1979

    Other Countries: Black Gay Men Writing, "Feelin' Like...!, flyer, reading featuring Pamela Sneed, Jaye Austin Williams, Gale Jackson, Sheilah Denise Mabry, NYC, Sept 21, 1990

    "Out of Our W/holes: A New Black Lesbian Anthology Balances Identity and Community," by Imogene Hill, review of Afrekete: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Writing, in Lesbian and Gay New York, May 21, 1995, pp17+

    "Out on the Job: A Black Lesbian Feminist Takes a Courageous Stand: An Interview with Andrea Canaan," Catalyst No. 12, 1981, 7pp

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    "The Pain behind the Laughter of Moms Mabley," by Leslie Bennets, The New York Times, Aug 9, 1987, review of play "Moms"

    Perfomance flyers for Deidre McCalla, June Millington, Nedra Johnson, Black Earth Sisters

    Photographs, copy of Aaron Siskind's Night Club, Harlem, 1937 showing wall piece of two women kissing that Mabel Hampton donated to the Lesbian Herstory Archives, copy Siskind's Lady and Lamp, Harlem 1940, women in a suit

    Pinson, Luvenia, "The Black Lesbian—Times Past-Times Present," Womanews, 1980, 1p, about a panel with Mabel Hampton, 76, Billie Feinberg, 80, Jeanne Gray and Luvenia Pinson, 1p

    Poussaint, Alvin F., "An Honest Look At Black Gays and Lesbians," Ebony, Sept 1990, -124+

    Pre-Conference Questionnaire for First National Lesbians of Color Conference in Southern California, Nov 1982

    "Put the Cow Back in N.O.W. or WOW Sisters," by Almania Barbour, "Black militant woman in Phil., 6 pp pamphlet criticizing N.O.W. for its class and race politics, c mid 1970s

    Guidelines for the Black Lesbian Womens' Rap Group, Chicago, nd, 2pp

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    "Racial and Gender Identities Voiced: Third World Lesbian and Gay Conference," Plexus: West Coast Women's Press, vol 11, August 1984, p1+

    Rainbow Connections, Jan 1991, Nov 1991, a monthly guide serving the lesbian and gay male community of color, NYC, 2pp

    "Reggae Artist's Anti-Gay Song Stirs a Row," San Francisco Examiner, Nov 8, 1992

    "Report on the Third World Lesbian and Gay Conference," by Tony Henry, nd, 2pp

    Rich, Adrienne, "The Problem with Lorraine Hansberry," xerox, 9pp,nd; "Wholeness is no Trifling Matter: Some Fiction by Black Women," review of The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara and Midnight Birds, ed. By Mary Helen Washington, New Women's Times Feminist Review, Dec 1980/Jan 1981, p10+

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