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is it true what they say about
colored pussy?

By Hattie Gossett

is it really true what they say about colored pussy?
come on now
dont be trying to act like you dont know what i am talking about
you have heard those stories about colored pussy so stop pretending
you havent
you have heard how black and latina pussies are hot and uncontrollable
and i know you know the one about asian pussies and how they go from
side to side instead of up and down
and everyone knows about squaw pussies and how once a whiteman
got him some of that he wasnt never no more good
now at first i thought the logical answer to these stories is that they are
ignorant racist myths

but this i thought: what about all the weird colored stores about colored
cuz you know colored pussies werent always treated with the highest
regard we deserve in the various colored worlds prior to our
discovery by the european talentscout/explorers
and we still arent
so now why is it that colored pussies have had to suffer so much
oppression and bad press from so many divergent sources?
is it cuz we really are evil and nasty and queer looking and smelly and ugly like they say?
is it cuz we possess some secret strength which we take for granted but
which is a terrible threat to the various forces which are trying to
suppress us
i mean just look at what black pussies have been subjected to alone
starting with ancient feudal rape and polygamy and clitoridectomy and
forced child marriages and continuing right on through colonial
industrial neocolonial rape and forced sterilization and experimental
and when i put all that stuff about black pussies together with stories
i hear from other colored pussies about what they have had to go
through i am even more convinced
we must have some secret powers!
this must be why so many people have spent so much time vilifying
abusing hating and fearing colored pussy
and you know that usually the ones who be doing all this vilifying
abusing hating and fearing of colored pussy are the main ones who
just cant leave colored pussy alone dont you
they make all kinds of laws and restrictions to apartheid-ize colored
pussy and then as soon as the sun goes down guess who is seen
sneaking out back to the cabins?
and guess who cant do without colored pussy in their kitchens and fields
and factories and offices?
then theres the people who use colored pussy as a badge of certification
to ensure entry into certain circles
finally when i think about what would happen if all the colored pussies
went on strike even for a day
look out!
(especially if together white pussies staged a same day sympathy strike)
the pimps say colored pussy is an untapped goldmine
well they got it wrong
colored pussies aint goldmines untapped
colored pussies are yet un-named energies whose power for lighting up
the world is beyond all known measure

Excerpt from Sister No Blues by Hattie Gossett Published by Firebrand Books.

*Special Note: Women in Sweden staged a women's strike in the 1980s. They have since gone on to have the highest standards for equality in the world. If only the rest of us could follow suit.

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