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Why Feminists should buy Stocks and Learn How to Invest


56% of Americans adults own stocks in 2021, up from 55% in 2019.

But if we break that down further, 60% of American men owns stocks, but only 53% of American women own stocks.

The people who own stocks are often wealthy (making $100,000 per year or more), white, male, and are either college graduates or post-graduates. They also sometimes have names like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc.

What we at the Feminist eZine want to do is to encourage more women to buy stocks. We know the average American woman only makes 80% of what men make. But there are ways to fix that discrepancy. One of the ways to fix it is to encourage more women to buy stocks and to start letting your money work for you so that you are benefiting from the stock market just like the men are.

Women in America aren't alone in this problem. Women in Canada, in Mexico, and many other places around the world are earning money, but they aren't able to cash in their money and use it in the stock market because banks make it difficult to do so.

For example in Canada the TD Waterhouse (the investing wing of the Toronto Dominion Bank) charges people a $10 fee just to make one trade on the stock market.

$10 for one trade. That is ridiculous!

So if you want to buy $100 worth of stock, it costs you $10 just to buy that $100. That is crazy!

This is what is keeping poor people (including women) poor while rich white men make all the money.

If only there was a solution. What if there were apps that could solve this problem, and all the trades were done via computer - effectively cutting out the middle man who is demanding a $10 fee just to make one trade.

Fortunately there are such apps. In the USA there is RobinHood and in Canada there is an app called WealthSimple.

In fact in Canada if you join WealthSimple they will even give you two free stocks to trade. Use this link, and get two free stocks to trade:

Seriously. If more women learned how to invest their money they could lift themselves up, and other women up, by making their money work for them. Why should anyone, female or male, work hard their whole life and have very little to show for it because they never learned how to invest?

Learning how to invest isn't that hard either. You can learn to research things like dividend stocks or tech stocks. Learning is the easy part.

You just have to think about "What will be worth more in the future?"

Things like robotics manufacturers. Big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Shopify and others. Car manufacturers like Tesla. Battery manufacturers. Mining companies that mine things for making batteries.

Once you figure out what the future holds you invest in those companies, keep investing a little every month, and eventually your investments pay off. There will be market ups and downs, but if your investments are solid you will make money gradually over time.

And save money too.

Let's face it, saving money isn't like what it used to be. Banks don't pay good interest rates any more. Not like they did during the 1980s. You put $1000 in a bank savings account these days and they are probably only giving you 1 cent per month in interest. Peanuts.

The best ways to save money these days is to put your money into either stocks or real estate, and if you cannot buy real estate yourself then you buy the next best thing: Stocks in a company that deals in real estate developments / real estate investing. So stocks are really your best solution to fixing this problem.

In this post-pandemic world more women are finally demanding higher pay. Think about the women who are out there working...

  • Waitresses in diners and restaurants, making less than minimum wage + tips, but risking their lives because of COVID.
  • Nurses, who want to go on strike because of awful working conditions in hospitals and the fact they were never being paid what they deserved.
  • And every other employee who has been treated like trash during the pandemic.

    To the point that many people just quit and are now demanding better pay. We have a chance to raise the woman's average earnings up from 80% to 100% of what men make, we just need to do the math...

    If we were making $20 per hour before the pandemic, we should be asking for 25% more. $20 x 1.25 = $25.

    Imagine going to your boss and demanding a $5 increase in your hourly wage.

    Most of us wouldn't have the ovaries to do it, but we now have the power to do it. And if they don't agree to the pay increase many of us now have the option to go elsewhere. Work elsewhere. Demand that 25% per hour increase.

    And once you start making more money you can afford to pay off some bills, some debts and start using your money to invest. To save for retirement. To finally be making money off of your money instead of just saving for a rainy day.

    Women have the power to change their futures.

    We just need to be demanding more. Learning more. Investing more.

    Not just in the stock market. In ourselves.

    Because men aren't going to do it for us. We need to do it ourselves.

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