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Female Rights In Retreat:
Abortion, Rape and the American Way

By Suzanne MacNevin. February 2001

Okay, everyone knows I am a feminist, but I would like to take this moment to stop and take a cold, harsh look at the beating (dare I say rape?) that feminists have endured during the last 20 years. It is now 2001, and I want to look back at the 1980 to 2000 era.

  • This is not to say that the women before 1980 had it any easier, but what I am more specifically talking about is the "feminist backlash" of the 1980s and 1990s. And it has continued.

  • The path towards equality has really not moved much in the past 20 years. If anything, we have regressed.

  • Pornography is now more prolific than ever. "Erotica", the much nicer and less humiliating variation is still almost non-existent. Lets face is, porn is humiliating to women. It treats them as objects to be controlled and fucked. Erotica at least attempts to maintain some idea of equality.

  • The different types of pornography has also increased, especially the more brutal kinds. Rape fetishes / fantasies is now very popular, especially amongst Japanese anime (tentacle sex monsters and etc. that rape teenage girls).

  • And with the influence of the internet porn an increasing number of young boys are getting the wrong impressions of women. What kind of men will these little boys grow up to be in the next 10 years? Anti-social rapists? Of course, that is assuming the worst that could happen.

  • I am just being realistic. Statistically, I will not be surprised if we have a huge increase in teenage rapes during the next 10 years. Serial rapists on the rise, dare I say, and they won't be the people we normally think of. They will be our computer technicians, our doctors, our engineers, the people we trust and don't expect. Statistics have shown that serial rapists tend to be intelligent and have stressful jobs. "Jack the Ripper" was supposedly a Doctor afterall. Why else would he be raping women and cutting out specific parts of their bodies with a surgical knife.

  • Meanwhile George W. Bush's government has on the legal chopping block a woman's right to press charges against rapists. The reasoning? Because the "his word vs her word" argument wastes government money and the male always gets away scot-free anyway, so why bother prosecuting them in the first place.

  • Abortion is another item on the chopping block. We are losing the right to choose our own destiny, the right to remove a lifeless (it is not alive until it has a nervous system) fetus from our wombs before it becomes a living something we will regret. If we let George W. Bush get his way, there will be a lot more babies born from accidents and rapes in the next 2 years. His latest move is to get the churches to support his move towards making abortions illegal again. With Republicans controlling both Senate, Congress, etc. it will take a lot of protesting for American people to retain that right.

  • And I wouldn't be surprised if men protested against this too. Many men are unwilling to become fathers and don't like the idea of having another kid every time they "fuck up".

  • Is this the American Way, or is it the George W. Bush Way...? After all, what would the wealthy business graduate and oil tycoon know about getting college co-eds pregnant by accident... he doesn't have any children out of wedlock afterall... nosirree, all his college girlfriends had abortions.

  • FACT: During Bush's election campaign three of his ex-girlfriends admitted to the media they had abortions and they were immediately paid off by Bush's father to keep quiet. The media promptly dropped the topic too (presumably with some cash to line their pockets too). Research this topic and you'll find out it is true. I can quote newspaper articles for you if you want.

  • Apparently money cures all wounds, according to the Bush family.

  • But why then is Bush getting rid of abortions when his own ass was saved three times in a row during college (his fourth girlfriend, Mrs Bush, refused to have an abortion and so they got married instead)..? Because he doesn't have a choice. The Republicans have the ball on this one, and Bush has been trying to push off the abortion issue until later, but now Republicans are getting anxious because election time is just around the corner and they know Bush is going to lose because he is incompetent (bad economics and he can't catch Osama bin Laden adds up to two reasons why he won't be re-elected). So the plan is to push the laws through before he loses power in the White House.

  • According to several sources, the Republicans are also preparing to lynch Bush on this issue. Bush has veto power on any law. If he doesn't like it, he can veto it and prevent it from happening. Thus, if he tries to veto the anti-abortion laws, the Republicans are preparing to impeach him and/or cut off his military funding. The combined wars and military build-up in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing Congress too much money. They want to cut their losses and save their money.

  • So its not the American Way or the Bush Way either. Its the Republican Way.


    This is an older article written by Suzanne MacNevin before she started working for the Feminist eZine.

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