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Women's Radio Programs

The Sad Condition of Women's Radio

Updated March 2008.

When we first built this webpage all of the links below to Women's Radio stations (or at least their websites) worked. In the two years since however about half of them have become defunct.

What does that say about radio broadcasts for women?

The prognosis isn't very good. We've taken the time to update this list and remove the broken links. Please notify us if you have any links to add or if any of these stop working.

Amazon Radio - "Women's Music for all who color outside the lines." Heard on WPKN in Bridgeport, CT. This site is home to the National Women's Radio Archives, playlists, events, women's music links and more.

Her Turn - WORT Radio, Madison WI Sunday 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM News and information by and about women in a magazine format. Includes shorter news stories and in-depth features produced by the Her Turn Women's Collective.

KRCL Community Radio - "Woman to Woman" and "The Second Decade" are just two of the women's radio programs at this station based in Salt Lake City.

Outbeat Salon - an LGBTIQ radio show at KRCB, Santa Ros. Airs Sunday nights from 8-9pm PT (or online at

Sirens Muse - Sundays from 1-3 pm Eastern time on WPVM 103.5 FM in Asheville NC - Sirens' Muse offers the 2 hours of the best in contemporary women's music - local, national, international - the show streams live on Sundays.

Something About the Women - Something About the Women is perhaps the longest-running women's music radio show in the United States, if not the world. On the air since 1975, this collectively-run show features music by women artists spanning all genres, from folk and rock to jazz and world music. The show airs on the Tufts University radio station, WMFO 91.5 FM in Medford, Massachusetts on Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The show is streamed live on the Internet at or you can listen to and download previous shows from the archives at

WERU-FM Community Radio in Maine: 89.9 Blue Hill & 102.9 Bangor. Lots of folk music here and two programs specifically about women: Womenfolk Tuesday Evenings at 9 a.m. and Women's Windows Sunday 8 p.m.

Women in Music with Laney Goodman - Women in Music with Laney Goodman is a weekly, one-hour radio series with an eclectic mix of the best music of female artists from around the world.

Women of Note hosted by Fern Saturdays, 8-11 a.m. You can get more information, and listen online at The River, WRSI in Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont.

Women's Windows - WERU-FM East Orland, Maine
89.9 Blue Hill and 102.9 Bangor, webcasting at
Sundays 8-10 pm
DJ: Magdalen and Linda Washburn

See Also


International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT)

Women's International News Gathering Service

Songs of Suffrage:

The New America (America)

Sung at the National-American Woman's Suffrage Convention, 1891, this song reflects a common suffrage 
argument - that giving women the vote simply fullfilled the promise of 1776.

Our country, now from thee,Claim we our liberty, In freedom's name
Guarding home's altar fires, Daughters of patriot sires, Their zeal our own inspires, Justice to claim

Women in every age, For this great heritage, Tribute have paid
Our birth-right claim we now, Longer refuse to bow, On freedom's altar now, Our hand is laid

Sons, will you longer see, Mothers on bended knee, For justice pray?,
Rise now, in manhood's might, With earth's great souls unite, To speed the dawning light, Of freedom's day

Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be? (Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?) by L. May Wheeler

Set to a popular parlour tune, this song addresses an argument made against woman's suffrage: 
that women already had everything they needed - male protection, a sphere of their own - and 
didn't need to vote as well.


Oh Dear, what can the matter be
Dear dear what can the matter be
Oh dear, what can the matter be
Women are wanting to vote


Women have husbands, they are protected
Women have sons by whom they're directed
Women have fathers, they're not neglected
Why are they wanting to vote?

Women have homes, there they should labor
Women have children whom they should favor
Women have time to learn of each neighbor
Why are they wanting to vote?

Women can dress, they love society
Women have cash with all its variety
Women can pray with sweetest piety
Why are they wanting to vote?

Women have reared all the sons of the brave
Women have shared n the burdens they gave
Women have labored this country to save
And that's why we're going to vote

Final Chorus:

Oh Dear, what can the matter be

Dear dear what can the matter be

Oh dear, what can the matter be

Why should men get every vote?

Keep Woman in Her Sphere (Auld Lang Syne) by D. Estabrook

This song is found in numerous suffrage songbooks, and was widely sung at rallies.

I have a neighbor, one of those
Not very hard to find
Who know it all without debate
And never change their mind

I asked him"What of woman's rights?"
He said in tones severe--
"My mind on that is all made up,
Keep woman in her sphere."

I saw a man in tattered garb
Forth from the grog-shop come
He squandered all his cash for drink
and starved his wife at home

I asked him "Should not woman vote"
He answered with a sneer--
"I've taught my wife to know her place,
Keep woman in her sphere."

I met an earnest, thoughtful man
Not many days ago
Who pondered deep all human law
The honest truth to know

I asked him"What of woman's cause?"
The answer came sincere --
"Her rights are just the same as mine,
Let woman choose her sphere."

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