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Analyzing La Blue Girl

A Feminist Analysis of Japanese Tentacle Anime

By Suzanne MacNevin - January 13th 2007.

I first heard about La Blue Girl years ago at university. A couple of male friends were joking about "La Blue Girl" this and "La Blue Girl" that and I piped up: "What's La Blue Girl?"

There was immediate laughter.

And not just a giggle, I'm talking gales of it. As if I had just told a REALLY, REALLY funny joke and one of them nearly fell off his stool.

I didn't get an immediate answer, there was too much laughing. It took awhile to find make sense of it all. Eventually I got the basics: "Japanese animated (or anime) porn of schoolgirls getting rape by tentacle demons."

"Ah, ok..." was my reply. I was afraid to ask anything more.

I later Yahoo'd it. (This was in the days before people Googled things.) I took the time to do some research on the topic, in an effort to find out what was so darn funny.

I therefore embarked upon an analysis, from a semi-scientific perspective/partly feminist viewpoint, of La Blue Girl.

And my conclusions?

Well, lets just say that I wish Freud was alive and well today so that he could analyze it too. Its just so ripe with Freudian imagery/info that its difficult to do a full analysis without skipping over some things. Therefore we will only be analyzing the sex scenes and the plots/events surrounding the sex scenes for Feminist and Freudian content. So lets start by analyzing the first episode:

  • #1. In the opening sequence of the first episode it explains about sex ninjas fighting off rival clans. The males of one clan rape one of the sex ninjas and afterwards another sex ninja appears and summons sex demons with giant penis tentacles who attack and kill the rapists. Quite ironic from a feminist perspective, rapists getting raped/killed is karma. From a Freudian perspective the scene is about rape fantasies and male power, which is suddenly reversed and becomes a nightmare of male rape and death.

  • #2. Enter the heroine, Miko, an 18 year old schoolgirl/sex ninja in training. Miko fantasizes during school about masturbating as part of her training as a sex ninja. She is still a virgin. This scene is really more about sexual exploration and identity. From a Freudian perspective its an excuse to show the male audience Miko naked and masturbating, thus gratifying male fantasies.

  • #3. Miko's grandmother entrusts Miko with a magic box that controls sex demons. A rival clan appears and attacks Miko and her grandmother (the grandmother kills 5 ninjas and injures the rival clan's leader before having a heart attack and falling over a waterfalls.) The rival clan leader escapes with the box and later orders a minion to attack Miko. The minion attacks Miko, stunning her to the ground and then proceeds to rape her. Miko tries to fight back and says: "At this rate I'm screwed, literally! *screams*" and then attacks him with her magic pubic hairs. The attack works and the minion turns into his true form, a sex demon. The sex demon rapes her with his penis tentacles, but later gets two of his penis tentacles chopped off by Miko's friend Nin-Nin. Miko then picks up a weapon and chops the sex demon in half. More scenes of Miko naked for the male viewer. Freudian analysis aside, from a feminist perspective the scene of grandmother killing 5 rival ninjas is pretty good. At her age it was pretty damn impressive. Nin-Nin castrating the sex demon was both karma and Freudian nightmare and Miko chopping the sex demon in half was simply retribution.

  • #4. Miyu, Miko's actress sister, goes into heat and starts making sexual advances on her film director in the woods. A sex demon appears thinking it is Miko and abducts her back to the demon realm. A penis-finger demon says to her: "Damned female you will be taken as you never had before!" Meanwhile, Miko tries to rescue her by entering the demon realm by drinking an aphrodisiac and using a masturbation spell. When she arrives in the demonworld she says "Oh man, I just can't believe how really creepy this place is. I feel like I just fell into a bad horror movie!" Meanwhile Miyu is still being raped by the penis-finger demon when Miko appears and chops off several of his penises. Miko runs out of weapons and the sex demons start raping both sisters. Miko uses her pubic hair attack again, killing 2 of the sex demons. She then releases her "full power" and destroys the sex demon raping her with orgasmic magical fire. In the explosion Miko and Miyu are transported back to the human world. Masturbation, rape, castration, and orgasmic explosions.

    We could keep analyzing other episodes of La Blue Girl and also La Blue Girl Returns, but frankly there's only so much tentacle rape scenes and castration that one person can take.

    If rape is the ultimate female sexual fear, then castration is likely the ultimate male sexual fear. Sexual fears are something rarely discussed in porn which is usually more about sexual gratification and "getting it off" then actually discussing anything of Freudian value.

    Overall La Blue Girl comes off as being rather postfeminist (postfeminism is about choice) because it explores ideas of sexuality and sexual power and couples that with karmic retribution by castrating rapists (which is amusing).

    On a historical level La Blue Girl is not the first Japanese porn/erotica to make light of tentacle rape: Take a look at Katsushika Hokusai's "Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" below, done in 1820.

    La Blue Girl is however the most popular of the modern tentacle rape phenomenon. Apparently a lot of men find it funny/sexually arousing to watch women get raped by giant lengthy penises. (Its the whole small dick = poor male ego thing taken to extremes.)

    And if that hasn't thoroughly disgusted you, how about this statistic: One out of every three women are sexually abused or raped at some point in their life. That means that there is also a very large percentage of men out there who sexually abuse women. The most common form of rape is date rape.

    Rape is no laughing matter.

    But La Blue Girl does get one very important viewpoint across: Rapists really are demons.

    And they really do deserve to be castrated.

    Here's a review of La Blue Girl Returns by

    Sex: 10
    La Blue Girl is one of the most popular hentai anime series, and for good reason. Butterfly girl masturbates her breasts and vagina while standing in a pond. After she captures Miko Mido and ties her to a tree, the butterfly girl masturbates Miko in the same places, and licks her womanhood. Miko's sister has sex with a man from the butterfly clan (both in human and monster forms). Miko masturbates inside her pink panties while listening in on them. To get to the demon world, Miko and her sister masturbate each other. The butterfly couple have sex at the same time. A whole bunch of high school girls get tentacle raped before and after being captured by demons. Miko's ninja girl partners, Fubuki and Yaku, get hit with sleeping powder, which allows the monsters to rape them. Ninja boy Nin-nin finally gets lucky as Fubuki gives him a hand job as a reward. Fubuki and Yaku essentially have lesbian sex while applying ointment to each other, and they masturbate Miko to release her "love juices". The butterfly man finger rapes Miko's mother as she's tied up. Then, Fubuki rapes him (!). Finally, butterfly girl and Miko have sex to see who can make the other finish first.

    Nude Scenes: 10
    All of the sex scenes contain fully explicit nudity, including close up vaginal and penis shots. Also, many girl forms are shown - Fubuki has tiny breasts, Yaku has giant breasts, and Miko is in between. During the intro, Miko has her clothes ripped off by a tentacle monster. Butterfly girl shreds her clothes off piece by piece as well. Poor high school girls have their clothes shredded, including gym clothes, bikinis, and skirts. In the previews, Miko, Fubuki, and Yaku are nude and tied up in chibi form. The monsters take their sweet time pulling off Fubuki's and Yaku's ninja uniforms while they're stunned. After being raped, Fubuki and Yaku are hung in a humiliating way to a pole. Nin-nin's tiny penis is even shown. At the end, the 3 ninja girls walk around nude.

    Fan Service: 7
    Miko wears a tiny brown pleated skirt at the beginning, which fully shows her tight pink panties with just a little bending (Nin-nin takes photos). Miko's blouse gets cut open, revealing her pink bra. Her skirt also gets shredded. Miko is then forced to wear Nin-nin's tiny ninja clothes, which means her femininity is busting out all over. The ninja girls outfits are very revealing (for the short time they're on, that is), including Fubuki's green thong.

    Cute Girls: 8
    La Blue Girl is an amazing phenomenon in that it successfully combines adult anime with very cute girls. Miko is constantly exasperated with Nin-nin, who keeps playing sexual pranks. All the girls play with each other in sexual ways, and they maintain their innocent attitude no matter how many times they have sex (or are raped). La Blue Girl Returns is richly animated and the characters are drawn in a rich and detailed style, which adds to the cuteness of the girls.

  • Let's Talk Dirty about La Blue Girl

    By a Blue Girl in a Red State - Edited by Suzanne MacNevin.

    Blue Girl in a Red State is a blog written by a Liberal living in a Republican state. Because of her site's name she's been getting a lot of hits from people Googling "La Blue Girl". We found her blog quite funny and highly recommend it. Here's part of what she had to say about it:

    "Although Iíve been ignoring my site, interestingly, others havenít. Iíve still had lots of hits and last night, while analyzing my stats page I decided to click on some of the referring addresses. Many, many google searches from England, Japan and other dot somethings I couldnít quite place.

    Again and again, as the google search pages came up, the person searching had entered the phrase, La Blue Girl. My heart sank a little as I realized that quite a few people coming to my site were not in search of a little intellectual stimulation, but stimulation of a whole different sort.

    You see, La Blue Girl is a series of anime porn. The main character, Miko Mido, is a ninja-in-training, entrusted with the family business of making sure the sex-starved Shikima stay out of humanity's way. She is a master at fighting off her enemies with sex. She fights back with every bit of sexual sorcery she can muster!

    She studies SexCraft and says things like, "Did I forget to wear my panties again?"

    Because Iíve been proud of the number of visitors to my blog, my 13 year old son started rolling on the floor in laughter. As I threatened to take his computer away and remove anything remotely anime-ish from his life, I began to wonder how popular could cartoon porn actually be?

    According to, where they sell ďweemotesĒ (baby versions of remotes) that will shield your wee-little ones from seeing unsolicited wee-wees, (sorry, a wee-bit of humor there) worldwide, pornography is a $57 billion industry and growing because of the Internet. Thatís larger than the combined revenues of all professional football, basketball and baseball franchises. At $6.2 billion, the U.S. porn revenue alone exceeds the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC.

    I guess when youíve got computer generated cartoon characters going at it, the liberal media just canít compete.

    My husband said itís probably teenage boys mostly interested in Miko Midoís pantie-less escapades. But an on-line reviewer of the series wrote, ďContains graphic sex, violence and occult themes. Absolutely for adults only!Ē

    He continued, ďAmidst all the sexual encounters every five minutes or so, La Blue Girl has a definite plot. The majority of screen time is devoted to the sex duels, and there's a lot of kinky and hardcore things going on. This is definitely not for the faint of heart.....Everything is also shown in explicit detail.Ē

    Well, if thatís the case, Iím sure the audience most certainly is made up of teenage boys, and probably full grown men.

    All the poor shleps searching for La Blue Girl have been looking for love in all the wrong places.

    You see, when I feel the need to look at something that combines cartoons and sex, I prefer artwork thatís a little more primitive.

    And when and if I ever write about Deep Throat activities, it will be more a discussion about who Deep Throat actually is.

    But I undress...I mean digress.

    I sort of feel bad for all those people out there in the world, credit card at the ready, looking for La Blue Girl. Because they just get me.

    A blue girl no doubt, but one who is a lot less popular than imagined. To paraphrase Woody Allen, seemingly doing nothing much more than engaging in a little mental masturbation."

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