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A Taste of Freedom: Topfreedom

By Cindy Olsen, 1999 September 14

I remember the day the photos below were taken. It was a very gray, January day . . . long before I really got involved in topfreedom.

My husband, our children, and another family member had gone out to the beach for photos of the children and for the opportunity of fresh air during the long, cold winter.

The wind was fierce. Stronger than I could ever remember. I was in a different place then.

It was not the normal thing for me to shed my top on a public beach, but somehow the wind beckoned me. First, I stripped down to my bra. But when I felt the cool sting of the wind whipping my skin, I had to be completely free. Free I was. Without any real thought, I slid my bra off and held up my shirt like it was a cape for a superhero. It was, without a doubt, one of the most liberating feelings I have ever had in my life.

The coolness of the air. The wind whisking away my breath. My breasts standing in the wind and shouting, "I am free! I am beautiful! I am decent!"

I haven't looked over these photos in quite some time. Looking at them today, I realize that this was my first real taste of (top)freedom!

Thank you, wind!

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