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By NAME REMOVED BY AUTHOR's REQUEST, 2001 April 10 - Updated June 2010 by Author's Request.

In April 2001, NAME REMOVED began a project to decriminalize women's exposed breasts in Indiana. Her website operated for a couple of years.

I can't tell you how great it feels to be doing what I am doing. It is almost cathartic, like I am purging myself of years and years of bullshit and body propaganda that I internalized. And I am trying to help other women.

I have been involved in several activist endeavors. There are an infinite number of worthy causes to promote in this world. But I have found one that gives me peace. This issue is so personal to me.

I don't have to adjust or apologize or explain or be ashamed. I am not a sex object. I own my body. It is not government property.

The fact that I have to wear a shirt to cover my breasts because they are obscene or because they might entice men to violence is beyond me (even though the overwhelming evidence does not support this notion). It is they who have the problem but I am the one whom they legislate.

Women will never be able to accept their bodies as long as we are expected to keep covering up and concealing and hiding from the world with makeup and bras and and control top pantyhose and $60-a-jar wrinkle cream. If we all walked around naked and unadorned for a little while and turned off our TVs, would we still believe that everyone has to look like a Barbie (or a Ken for that matter)? Would women still force themselves to puke? Would we still spend over $80 million a year on diet bullshit? How in the world will women be able to love and accept their very bodies if every other part is either flawed or criminal?

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